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- Joanie Dupnis  (Econo Foods)


Age:(if you donít mind answering)

- 48


Where did you first learned to make pasties? and from whom?

- Mom, 27 years ago.


How long have you been making pasties?

- 27 years

How many pasties do you think you have made?

- 4000 to 5000


What is the greatest number of pasties you have made at one time?

- 1500


How many pasties has one person been able to eat at one sitting?

- 2


Comment on the prices of the pasty(from past to present).

- Today they are $1.49 for a Small and $2.09 for a Large


Do they ever get tired of making/eating the pasties?

- Yes!


What do people seem to like to put on their pasty?

- Ketchup, Gravy


What is the weirdest thing you have ever seen put in/on a pasty?

- Sour Cream and Mustard


What would you like to see included in an online information center on the pasty?

- color, shape, the site must be eye appealing!