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To:††††††† David Trumbell

††††††††††† James Robb

††††††††††† Jason Johnson

From:††† Pasty Group (Luke Miller, Marc Westergren)

CC:†††††† Michael Moore

Date:†††† 12/13/2000

Re:††††††† Task Definition

David, James, Jason and Michael:

In an attempt to present the most usable way to present an online representation of the Pasty Project and Virtual Upper Peninsula during itís testing stages.It is our suggestion that the following criteria be used to evaluate the usability of the Virtual Upper Peninsula.

o        Is the Main Page informative about itís mission statement?

o        Are the links Quick and easy forms of navigation?

o        Are the explanations of the project pages clear and precise?

o        Is the Virtual Upper Peninsula an accurate account of the Kewenaw?

By implementing these simple questions/criteria to our test subjects we feel that the usability of the Virtual Upper Peninsula will be clearly represented and easy to navigate.



The Pasty Group