Letter from Shaw to MacNaughton, August, 1913

This telegram does not say much of interest, but as a whole, a hand-written letter from 1913, in condition this good was too interesting to pass up.  It is a thank you note to MacNaughton for his work, and acknowledgement that they are indeed heading in the right direction in regard to bringing the strike to an end.

Box # 350
Folder 3 005

Dear Mac

Was delighted this afternoon at Dolui's office to find that Dolph had telephoned your telegram of meeting of loyal miners - the first step in the right direction - they are proper strike breakers and they'll count in the end and for a long time!

I learned some encouraging news as to the probable [financial]? possibilities.  In the hours take, a Utah striker, the [members]? of the [W. F. of L.]? at [Balt.]? were called on for subscription benefits and voted 4 to 1 against in both cases.  I'm inclined to think no extra funds will be available from that locality in our case!  I'm sorry to say [Gay]? left this morning or rather last night so I haven't seen him and of course [shan't sight]? on the subject.

Copper looks well 15 1/2 for C & H, 15 3/8 T.O. so our stocks will bring in good prices.

Very dull here.  Sorry you aren't!

Q. A. S.

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