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Activity #1: Write Your Own Lyrics

Using one of the instrumental sound files we provide on this page (to come), write a set of song lyrics (with at least two verses) about a subject of importance to you. Provide a title for the song.

If you have written poetry before, you might want to turn to one of your own poems as a source of inspiration for the lyrics you write.

Or, if you do not write poetry, pick a tune that makes you think about specific incident in your past and focus on telling that story. Try to choose an incident or event that might have special significance for others as well as yourself.

Although lyrics don't necessarily have to be based on a strict rhyme scheme, many songwriters think rhyme is important. If you are unsure about the role that you want rhyme to play, see what other songwriters say by browsing the following web sites: (Question #55)

After reading these materials you might want to access an online rhyming dictionary for this activity. If so, see <>.

If you have access to recording and digitizing equipment, record your version of this song. If you are not a performer, but have a friend who is, ask him or her to perform a version of your song-record and digitize the performance, but only after asking the artist's permission.

If you send the digitized sound file to us (see the contact information), and we consider it noteworthy, we will post it so that other readers can hear and appreciate your efforts. Along with the file, send a word-processing file containing your lyrics, and your name and contact information (both postal and e-mail address). We will notify you if we decide to post your song.

See lyrics that viewers of this site have sent in.



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