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The Pasty: Try it and you'll like it Mar. 13, 1975
Early 1850's Cornish brought it here
Origin unknown thought to go back to when "the preparation of food became an
art rather than roasting a hunk of meat on a stick"
Cornish Pasty
Crust - 3 cups flour, 1 cup finely ground suet 1/4 cup lar 1 tsp. salt
6-7 tb. cold water
Filling - 1lb beef (cubed or diced) 1/2 lb. pork, potatoes, turnip, onion,
parseley, some finely grated carrots are optional
1300 wrote "Bred on chese, butere and milk, pastees and flaunes."
"Thys knight swolewed, in throte noght pering. More then doth a pastay in onen
Not unique to England, French Chronicler, Jean Froissart (1337-1414) wrote
"With botelles of wyne trusses at their sadelles, and pastyes of samonde,
troutes and eyls, wrapped in towels" French call pasty tourtiere today.
1390 "And bad ordeire for here met Tuo Pastes."
Shakespeare in the Merry Wives of Windsor (1600)
"Come, we have a hot pasty to dinner"
Poem by Walter F. Gries of Marquette
I dearly love a pasty, a 'ot leaky one;
With mayt, turmit and taty, h'onyon and parsley in 'un
THe crus' be made weth suet, shaped like 'alf a moon;
Crinkly h'edges, freshly baked 'e es alway gone too soon!
Daily Mining Gazette June 19, 1976 "Cousin Jack's Mouth Organ"
Cousin Jack's Mouth Organ was another name for a pasty. article mentions stuff
in standard recipe above, but also rutabagas. Invented before the dinner
pail,wrapped in linen towel apron.
It caught on with other nationalities because "the steaming meat and potatoe
was quiete a change from cold sandwhiches and clammy pie they had to eat
before. (Italians Scandinavians and Finns)
will stay war for 8 to 10 hours
Daily Mining Gazette April 28, 1972 Cornish Pasty day in state set for May 25
done by Governor William G. Milliken.
From Mines to Super Market Chronicle The Magazine of the Historical Society of
Michigan Spring 1980 Vol 16 No 1
pasty mention in Robin Hood ballads "pastes of venysoun"
Described as a sort of half-moon-shaped portable potpie without the pot.
Miners never time to go above ground for lunch, some reheated pasties by
setting them on a shovel held over head-lamp candles. Katherine and John
Lehtos "we've changed our recipe a bit in the interest of health and to please
our customers who come back year after year." Pasties today often use
vegetable shorening instead of lard, finely shaved beef suet for flavor,
unbleached flour instead of bleached.
Pasty caught on with every other nationality in the area. Rivalry among the
Finns, Swedes, Irish, Poles, Germans, Scots, Italians and French each group
contributing something in the way of seasoning and other ingredients. All
groups agree, pasties need potatoes and onions. Miners never used a fork, ate
it end to end, held upright to keep juices in.
June 28 1978 Daily Mining Gazette Houghton
Over 250,000 pasties sold at Quatlity Super Valu Store in Laurium.
Sold that many in just 3 years.
Pasties from Schloegel's pamphlet
It's simply important to understand that the pasty is different from an
ordinary meat pie in spiritual, hisotrical, and design elemements as well as in
recipe. A word of caution to beginners, however: Never eat two at one sitting.
You may not be able to stand when done pasties are that filling.
The pasty has become the quintessential food symbol of the region" Some note
that even the longish shape of the pasy resembles the geographic outline of the
Arthurian Romances Chretien de Troyes published by Everyman
Eric and Enide written anywhere from 1150-1190 5139 (pg68) Next Guivret opened
a chest and took out two pasties. "My friend," says he, "now try a little of
these cold pasties."
Milwaukee Journal March 28, 1943 Welsh Meat and Vegetable Pasty
Brow  lb cubed lamb or beef in 2 tbsp fat Remove from heat add 2 cups diced
raw potatoes, 1  cups dried raw carrots one cup diced celery and leaves, 1
tbsp salt  tsp. pepper mix thoroughly. Make rich dough by sifting 4 cups
flour, 4 tsp. baking powder 1  tsp. salt. cut in  cup shortening. Add milk
to make a soft dough.
Internet post by 4-5-2000
Pastie started mine fire in 1890's. A miner forgot about his meal warming on a
shovel. The pasty caught fire and spread to the timber holding the walls up.
(unverified just a legend for now)
May 24, 1967 Daily Mining Gazette So It Is - Pasty Day
Origin of Pasty is a mystery, Mrs. R.F. Ellis of Cornwall thought pasty to be
a diminunitive of "star gazey pie" or a pie with fish heads sticking out the
top. Others think the Vikings brought it to the British Isles when they
Another theory thinks its derived from the Italian "pasta" since the Cousin
Jacks were considered great seamen.
(notice the similiarities between the name pasty and pasta)
1-19-1986 Star Ledger Galloping Gourmets Uncover the bare facts about pasties.
Came from England by way of Wisconsin where Cornish settlers arrived in the
mid-19th century to work the iron mines. (may not be 100% historically
Finnish pasties are made with ground beef and pork mixed together as dense as
meat loaf.
Finlandia Pasties Dough
4 cups flour, dash salt, 1  cups solid vegetable shortening 1 cup cold water
 lb ground beef  lb ground pork  cup beef suet finely chopped
1 large potato peeled and cut into 3/8 in. cubes. 2 carrots peeled cut into
3/8 inch cubes 1 small red onion finely diced,  rutabaga or turnip peeled and
cut into 3/8 inch cubes. 1/8 cup fresh parsley finely chopped
May 18, 1968 Chicago Tribune Lunch Crunches with Tuna Cheese Pasties
Tuna Pasties (5 servings)
1 can (7oz) tuna drained and flaked
1 cup (4oz) shredded cheddar cheese
 cup chopped celery
1 tbsp. chopped parsley
1/3 cup sour cream
1 package (8 oz) refrigerated biscuits
1 tbsp. butter melted
3-8-1980 Daily Mining Gazette Trinity Church Club once used pasty for support
1980 pasty price was $1.25
During depression you could get small pasty from Zurchar Pasty Shop on Qunicy
Street in Hancock for 10 cents, regular pasty 34 cents. "Pasty sales always
have been popular in the Keweenaw Peninsula, the American birthplace of the
dough enveloped meal" 1843 opening of Cliff Mine, thought to be when Cornish
came and brought their pasties to the Keweenaw. "It is believed that the main
reason for the adoption and adaption of the pasty in the Copper Country mining
area was the fact it would bear mobility."
3-26-1992 Daily Mining Gazette Pasty making is lotsa work, hey? You betcha!
Bill Lohela (Kaleva Cafe?) made pasties for 20 years (at least). 50 a day 300
days a year, he estimates he made at least 3.5 million. During tourist summers
he makes several hundred daily. During winter usually only 50 daily, unless
special order. Largest order was for 5000 pasties, he made 1000 a day for 5
Cornish Recipes Ancient and Modern 23rd edition with supplement by the Cornwall
Federation of Women's Institutes
(pg 31) Staple dish of Cornwall
"It is said that the Devil never crossed the Tamar into Cornwall on account of
the well-known habit of Cornishwomen of putting everything into a pasty, and
that he was not sufficiently courageous to risk such a fate! However, that maybe, the Cornish pasty, in its various forms, is a delectable dainty and
deservedly world famous."
When made the corner is marked with an initial so each family member knows who
is who's.
"The true Cornish way to eat a pasty is to hold it in the hand, and begin to
bite it from the opposite end to the initial, so that should any of it be
uneaten it may be consumed later by its rightful owner. And woe betide anyone
who take's another person's "corner"!"
Cornwall's Legacy to American Mining, Part III C.H. Vivian Compressed Air May
pasties were "piece de resistance" of the miner's lunch. Angus Murdoch, "The
pasty is a sort of portable beef stew folded into a purse of pie dough and
baked to a rich golden brown." No one but a Cousin Jenny could do a proper
job. True Cornish pasty were only beef, potatoes
Cornwall's Legacy to American Mining, Part III C.H. Vivian Compressed Air May
Pasties were "piece de resistance" of the miner's lunch. Angus Murdoch, "The
pasty is a sort of portable beef stew folded into a purse of pie dough and
baked to a rich golden brown." No one but a Cousin Jenny could do a proper
job. True Cornish pasty were only beef, potatoes and onions. The One Cardinal
rule was to use only the best cuts of beef. 1964 pasty cost 50 cents in
Michigan. "The pasty can still be found in a few American communities, but in
some of them it has fallen on evil days."
Daily Mining Gazette 11-2-1978 Pasty sale will aid crippled.
(got this article mainly for headline, it didn't say much, except time and day
of the sale. I got it to show its cultural impact in the area if the pasty
"helps" the crippled to raise money)
Daily Mining Gazette 8-29-1988 Cooks promote Cornish Pasty
Suzann Sherman "We made traditional pasties, egg and meat pasties and small
date pasties that were like a dessert" (during depression) Traditional
Cornish pasty served with coleslaw. Ketchup, gravy unheard of topping when
they were growing up. Frozen pasties no-no, don't warm them in microwaves as
it ruins the crust.
Chicago Tribune December 10, 1967 Legends Echoes from Etched Cornwall Cliffs
1967 Pasty in Cornwall cost 18 cents.
Chicago Tribune Oct 1st, 1972 Cornwall: Land of King Arthur
Made out of barley flour when wheat was too expensive. They say it was so hard
"it could be dropped down a mine shaft without breaking." "Dropped from a
height it can be lethal" Claims that pasty was invented by the poor working
folk of Cornwall.
Copper Country 101 All Time Favorites Recipes Calumet Woman's Club Calumet, MI 11th edition 1981
English Pasties
Crust: 3 cups flour, 1 tbs salt, 1 cup lard 1 cup cold water
filling: 1 lb flank steak, 1/2 lean pork 4 medium potatoes, 1 small turnip, 1
medium onion.
recipe by Mrs. Jack Mugford
Did They Really Eat That? A 19th century cookbook that acquainted immigrants
with northwoods pioneer fare. (1992)
2 cups raw potatoes, 1 cup diced rutabaga, 1 1/2 lbs pasty meat or ground beef
1/2 tsp. pepper, 1 large diced onion 1/2 cup diced carrot 1 1/2 tsp. salt
dough 1 lb. shortening 1 tsp. salt 6 cups flour
Daily Mining Gazette 6-22-1974 Fr. Nancarrow sees a pasty as a meal plus.
"Truly the pasty must not only be a delightful balanced meal but a concoction
which exudes good will, also."
The story of my life Alfred Nichools Sept. 10 1864 -Sept 20, 1938
"My favorite choice, almost invariably, was a pasty filled with meat only and
boilded in the broth(soup). I remember to this day my thoughts at the time,
when devouring it, that nothing throughout the years to come would ever taste
better, however sumptuously prepared."
(he was Cornish and lived in Cornwall during his youth, both mom and dad were
Cornish, his father was a blacksmith)
Pasty shop owners say Goodbye to business 9-1-82 Daily Mining Gazette
Most - 500 pasties in a day, average about 50 a day.
The coral Shop is a Union Alternative (Lode) 4-22-1981
$1.25 for a pasty
Kirkish enjoys running Kaleva. 10-6-1983
Pasties made Finnish style and sells between 40,00 and 45,000 a year.
One pasty at a time, Stillwaters is cooking a recipe for success, Daily Mining
Gazette 6-24-1997
Over the net 5.75 plus shipping or six for 29.95 shipping included. Locals can
get one for $3. Make 4000-5000 a year, 1 week 100 pasties ordered. Get orders
from all over the world, Japan New Zealand. Bought dry ice machine, just for
Pasty Central reaches Milestones Daily Mining Gazette 5-6-1998
sold 10,00 pasties in a year, finally shipped pasties to every state (North
Dakota last one) Nations leading supplier of the pasty via the internet.
10,000 a year mark means it is inspected by the FDA and has labels.
Sharing Our Best 1980
Cornish Pasties - Eleanor Lanyon Pieti
Pastry: 4 c. flour 1/2 lb. lard
filling: 1 sm. flank steak (1 lb) 3 med. potatoes, butter, 1 T. salt, 1 1/4
c. water (ice) 1 sm. turnip or rutabaga, 1 lg. onion , salt and pepper
Favorite Recipes (Upper Peninsual of Michigan National Federation of Business
and Professional Women's Clubs. INc.) 1978
English Pasty
Dough: 8 c. spooned flour, 1 lb. lard, 2 T. salt, 2 1/2 c. ice water
filling: 1 lb. lean beef or flank stead, 3/4 lb lean pork, 8 small potatoes, 1
small turnip or rutabaga, 3 small onions, salt pepper to taste, butter
Upper Peninsula Pasties
4 c. flour, 2 tsp. salt, 1 1/2 c. shortening, yellow Fluffo, 10 T. ice water, 2
lbs. round steak, 5 peeled and chopped large potatoes, 1 (1 1/2 c.) small
cubedturnip or rutabaga, 1 to 2 large onion, finely chopped, 1 T. salt, 1
tsp. fresh ground pepper
Folklife Annual 1986 (American Folklife Center at the Library of COngress)
Immigrant to Ethnic Symbols of Identity Among Finnish Americans, By: Yvonne
Hiipakka Lockwood "What is called a Cornish pasty elsewhere is an Upper
Peninsula Pasty in Michigan, for pasty's symbolic meaning changed from ethnic
to multi-ethnic and finally regional." Time of mass migration end 19th start
20th century, Cornish were well established skilled workers, the new
immigrants(Finns, Italians, Poles, Croats, and Serbs) were the unskilled
labor. Since Cornish were the foremen, and mining captains the new immigrants
looked at them as the models of American life. Wherever the Cornish settled,
the pasty was spread to the other groups in that area. "Not just a recipe but
an entire cultural complex passed from individual to individual and from one
ethnic group to another: the uses, the way of eating, the practice of marking
individual pasties, and so on." It was readily adopted by other ethnic groups
because it was so strongly associated with mining. It stayed warm a long time, was easily portable in a pale and could be eaten with your hands. In 1864 a
small wave of Fins came to the UP, well after the Cornish were established,
when the big mining wave of Fins came 30 years later, they probably learned
pasty making from the older Fins, not the Cornish. Pasty resembles piiraat andkuuko, so when they see their countrymen carrying it in a pale, they think that the Fins invented the pasty. The existence of a similiar food in Finland made it easier for th
em to adopt it. Since there are more Finns, pasty is
considered a Finnish food. (up here) At Finnish "ethnic" church suppers and
annual Finnish celebrations the pasty is a featured Finnish specialty.
Pasty Perfection Book details history of area's famous food DMG 7-19-93
Dan Rather described it as a "Scandinavian pot pie" in a 1989 report on
the UP.
naval recruiter in Houghton called it "Yooper Burrito"
Suomi publication now calls it "the most delicious, mouth-watering
delicacy in the history of culinary artistry."
Finnish pasty bears no similarity to the "pasty" relished by American
Finns. According to the Wall street journal it more closely resembles
(Finland pasty) the Russian dish "the piroshki"