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"Cousin Jack's Mouth Organ"

-Daily Mining Gazette June 19, 1976

(Cousin Jack was another name for the Cornish men.  Cousin Jack's Mouth

Organ is just slang for the pasty.)



"(The Keewenaw) the American birthplace of the dough enveloped meal"

-Daily Mining Gazette 3-18-1980



"It is believed that the main reason for the adoption and adaptation of the pasty in the Copper Country mining area was the fact it would bear mobility."

-Daily Mining Gazette 3-18-1980



"Pasty making is lotsa work, hey?  Ya, You betcha!"

-Bill Lohela



"The Pasty is the Yooper Burrito of the Upper Peninsula"

- Daily Mining Gazette

(said by a Naval Recruiter in Houghton in the early 90's)



"They say (the pasty) was so hard (that) it could be dropped down a mine shaft without breaking"

-Chicago Tribune Oct 1st, 1972

(During a recession in Cornwall many people used the cheaper barley flour,

instead of wheat in their foods, including the pasty)



"Careful, Dropping (a Pasty) from a height it can be lethal!"

-Chicago Tribune Oct 1st, 1972



Poem by Walter F. Gries of Marquette

I dearly love a pasty, a 'ot leaky one;

With mayt, turmit and taty, h'onyon and parsley in 'un

The crus' be made weth suet, shaped like 'alf a moon;

Crinkly h'edges, freshly baked 'e es alway gone too soon!

(meant to imitate the way the Cornish talked)



"It is said that the Devil never crossed the Tamar into Cornwall on

account of the well-known habit of Cornish women of putting everything

into a pasty, and that he was not sufficiently courageous to risk such a fate!

-Cornish Recipes Ancient and Modern 23rd edition with supplement by the Cornwall  Federation of Women's Institutes

(early legend about the pasty, Cornish women tended to throw in any left-overs they had into it)



"The true Cornish way to eat a pasty is to hold it in the hand, and begin to bite it from the opposite end to the initial, so that should any of it

be uneaten it may be consumed later by its rightful owner.  And woe betide anyone who take's another person's "corner"!"

-Cornish Recipes Ancient and Modern 23rd edition with supplement by the Cornwall  Federation of Women's Institutes

(the way that pasties were originally eaten)



"The pasty can still be found in a few American communities, but in some of them it has fallen on evil days."

-Cornwall's Legacy to American Mining, Part III C.H. Vivian  Compressed Air May 1970.

(in some restaurants anything enveloped in dough is considered a pasty)



"Truly the pasty must not only be a delightful balanced meal but a concoction which exudes good will, also."

-Daily Mining Gazette 6-22-1974  Fr. Nancarrow sees a pasty as a meal plus.

(the pasty is often used to raise money for many religious causes)


"the most delicious, mouth-watering delicacy in the history of culinary artistry."

-Suomi publication


"It's simply important to understand that the pasty is different from an ordinary meat pie in spiritual, historical, and design elements as well as in recipe."

-Pasties from Schloegel's pamphlet


"A word of caution to beginners, however: Never eat two at one sitting.  You may not be able to stand when done pasties are that filling."

-Pasties from Schloegel's pamphlet