The Cultural Context of the Pasty

Iteration 3.0

The Upper Peninsula of Michigan contains a vast and interesting cultural history.During the peak of mining several European cultures all coexisted in this region.With this "melting pot" a lot of cultural traditions merged, and sometimes altogether disappeared.However, there was one item that managed to survive and in many ways is the symbol of this region, the pasty.From the early Cornish days of mining till now, the pasty has survived a lot including the collapse of mining in the U.P.Yvonne Hiipakka Lockwood in her 1986 article for Folklife Annual, said it best when she said, "What is called a Cornish pasty elsewhere is an Upper Peninsula pasty in Michigan, for pasty's symbolic meaning changed from ethnic to multi-ethnic and finally regional."The purpose of the Cultural Context of the pasty is to examine the pasty's cultural shift in both a historical and present day perspective.

Group Members:

Luke Miller- Computer Science Undergraduate

Marc Westergren Electrical Engineering Undergraduate